Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is not just connecting with people, it’s connecting with the right people and we are here to guide you through this daunting maze!

  • We help your Brand create a story.
  • We harness Social Media to create brand awareness, generate website traffic and for lead generation.
  • We build a timeless relationship with your consumers.
  • We create compelling and impactful designs with engaging content to help you achieve your social media goals.

Online Advertising

Doesn’t matter if you just entered the race or you are an old player, every brand has to advertise, especially online since that’s the fastest way to reach the audience who is always glued to their devices.

We offer tailor-made solutions to enhance your brand visibility online, boost sales and meet your revenue and marketing goals.

We rely on in-depth market insight and result-oriented approach to deliver measurable results.

With aesthetic designs that convey your brand essence effectively, we help your business grow manifold with our online advertising campaigns.

We offer:

– Remarketing/Display Ads/Pay Per Click Ads
– Facebook Ads
– Instagram Ads
– Google AdWords

Branding and Logo Designing

So you have conceptualized your business, the papers are in place and you are raring to go!

What comes next? It is your brand logo and brand identity.

Brand Logo

The logo is the face of your company, it is what communicates your whole story to your customers.

And you have only one chance to get it right!

A well-designed logo creates intrigue, separates you from your competitors and fosters brand recognition and recollection. It is a visual image that is etched in the minds of your customer. It is the foundation of your brand identity.

Brand Identity

Just like humans, every brand should have a personality of its own!

That is what Brand Identity is.

The colors, fonts, consistent style of creatives and content, typefaces, typography, logo, etc constitute your brand identity. We deliver strategy and design for your business and convert it into a brand with an identity!

Content Solutions

We churn quality content by the minute!

Whether you are looking at Crisp manual content or Fun product descriptions or Captivating print content or SEO blogs for your website or Catchy headlines for social media; we are here to write for you. Help you drive value. Engage the audience. Whatever you want to convey, we will convey it best!

Our team of experts will deliver well-researched, plagiarism-free customized content solutions perfectly suited to your requirements.

We provide Social Media Content, Blogs, Business Profile, Websites, Print Content, Newsletters and E-mailers, Long-Form Content, SEO Content, Curated Content and Listicles, Product Descriptions and more.

Web Designing & Development

Your website is how people are going to form an impression about your brand, gauge your credibility and decide if your products or services are worth spending on.

We make a design that Performs & Delivers, and looks good too!

Whether it’s a minimal corporate website or a full- blown e-commerce website, we provide custom designing that ensures that there is always web-traffic and the site directly reflects your business ethos.

We have coding expertise and design acumen with all the requisite skills and technology to create an impactful and user-friendly desktop and mobile website.

From design to content, our team will handle it all to give you a turn-key website.

Search Engine Optimization

You could have a cool looking website for your brand, offering the best products and services, at best rates but if it doesn’t show up on top of Google search results, you wouldn’t be getting the required traffic on your site and thus, not enough business.

Rarely anyone combs multiple pages on search engine results, people usually click on the top few results. We specialize in optimizing your website and thereby making it easier for search engines such as Google to find it.

We offer premium SEO services which are a combination of tried and tested strategies and focus on the core guidelines written down by search engines such as Google to make your website appear at the top of search results.

We will ensure that your website gets visibility, traffic, rankings, leads and ultimately conversions. We will conduct a technical analysis of your current website and accordingly develop brand specific search campaigns. Keyword research, content generation, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, link building, etc will all be done so that you are Found Online.

Get in touch with us for a free SEO analysis of your website.

Photography and Videography

The power of imagery is unparalleled.

The right visuals along with compelling content is essential for digital marketing.

We help you create a visual story for your brand. After all, visuals make a powerful statement as to the quality of your products and services and eventually your brand.

Whether it is product shots, event photography, lifestyle shoots, office photography; our robust team of photographers are here to help you.

Video is rapidly inching towards the most engaging form of content for digital marketing.

We conceptualize and shoot videos that will captivate the audience, is relevant and relatable, which stirs actions and thereby gets results.

Product videos, explainer videos, work culture, manufacturing and making videos, customer testimonial videos, event videos, short videos or trending topical videos, we can do it all.

Event Promotions

Gone are the days when events used to be promoted via print ads and word of mouth.

It’s all digital promotion now, because we are always online. We never leave!

When you create a buzz for your event digitally you can expect audience engagement with your event, targeted reach according to location, gender, age, interests, etc. and huge turnouts.

We help promote your event digitally by:

  • Creating relevant Social Media content
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Event Creation
  • SMS andMailers
    • Get in touch with us for a successful event whether it’s a corporate conference, festivals, shows, concerts, etc.

BTL Activation

Your target audience relates to digital and print marketing, but what makes your audience sit up and take notice of your products/services is experiential marketing.

We plan bespoke events, shows and other immersive experiences that will draw in potential customers and also strengthen the bond with the existing ones.

From planning to designing to printing, we offer unique BTL Activation merchandise. We help you take your brand to places where your target audience is present such as trade shows, exhibitions, niche events and other public arenas.

If you’re looking for innovative ideation for BTL activities, shoot us an email and we can come up with a strategy.

Ambassadorial Campaigns

Is your brand into youth specific products and services? Are you looking to gain access to and build a community of young fans for your products?

We help conceptualize and execute these goals with outreach marketing campaigns at colleges and universities. We manage these campaigns from start to finish. Maintain your brand presence, create awareness for your brand, and make your brand a popular name with ambassadorial campaigns.

We help you tap into the right people and formulate strategies that will inform, engage and entertain your target audience.

Influencer Marketing

It’s actually a no-brainer & proved through countless surveys that people trust recommendations from an individual rather than the brand’s own claims. Paid partnerships and authentic content continue to be the driving factors for a brand’s immense popularity on social media. We help you connect with content creators, influencers & vloggers that are a fit for your brand, well within your marketing budgets & helps you gain traction and ultimately tangible results. We offer influencer marketing strategies, campaign strategies, campaign management, monitoring your campaign’s performance and reporting results for the same. We have immense experience & connections, having collaborated with numerous micro & macro influencers over the years.

Video Animation

We provide 2d and 3d video animation services. Our team comes up with innovative concepts and pride themselves on a flawless execution. We have experience creating videos across different categories & disciplines. We specialise in:

  • Corporate Videos
  • Social Media Videos
  • Ad Videos
  • Product Explainer Videos and more

Marketing Consultancy

Just starting out? Or Looking to revamp your brand or accelerate your brand’s growth, we can help you with ROI-oriented marketing strategies. Digital Marketing is ever evolving and needs constant updating of content & campaign strategies for a brand to stay relevant and engaging. Very few organizations have the time, expertise & resources to do this. This is where we step in. Our team of expert consultants can help you with a built- from- scratch strategy or tweak & fine-tune your existing one. We provide start-up consultancy, branding, product launch, sales and digital marketing consultancy.

Get in touch to start an Inkspiring journey with us