Objective: To introduce the concept of organic food and promote Mandala – an organic food delivery service based in Mumbai.

Challenge: To introduce the concept of organic food at a time when it wasn’t so popular. To make engaging yet informative content that gets across the benefits of organic food was challenging. To promote dishes (from a limited menu) differently each time was certainly tough.

Plan of Action:
We didn’t want the social media pages to be just about promoting Mandala but a lifestyle page which people feel interested to follow and can learn something new every time.The Social Media Strategy was to use smart concepts to showcase Mandala’s dishes and delivery service and to engage the audience in relevant topics like healthy eating, environment news, etc.We came with relevant content pegs like- Mandala Wisdom, Mandala Hero of the Month, etc.

Promoting Organic Food, Healthy Eating remained a core strategy for all the communication that was done as posts and stories.

For promoting dishes, we used a different concept each time. Case in point: The Charcoal Burger

For showcasing we are a delivery based service, we innovated to keep it interesting while still promoting the message.

We also included customer reviews, nutritional value & benefits of ingredients, etc. We emphasised on farm to fork principle of the brand and how they were trying to be eco-friendly in all processes- from farming to packaging.

On Twitter, we engaged in conversations happening on the platform. The conversations revolved around diet, nutrition, environmental news, etc. This way we not only generated brand awareness but also got direct delivery orders.

Here are some quirky, fun posts we created for the brand.

Mandala is now a well-known organic food delivery service in Mumbai. Organic food is no longer a mystery but a preferred diet choice for thousands of people. We get several requests in our various Inboxes from people outside Mumbai to start Mandala Kitchen in their respective cities, and it’s from out content alone since they haven’t ever had a chance to taste the meals!