Objective: To showcase Hoot as a premium lifestyle electronics brand, build a relevant audience that is young, loves all things tech and to generate sales for their range of earphones.

Challenge: To stand out from among scores of other electronics brands. To make content & design that matches the brand aesthetics and yet appeals to the younger crowd on social media.

We started with a Women’s day campaign aimed at showing modern women who are multi-taskers and forever shattering glass ceilings. We incorporated Hoot’s products into the campaign posts.

We then had a series of attractive posts that directly promoted the products.

Once we got the attention of users on Social Media we started with engaging posts that they could connect with and were relevant to the brand.

Influencer Marketing was also done by Inkspire Media. We tied up with several macro and micro influencers for brand awareness and to give the page a lifestyle appeal.

Here are a few videos we made for the brand.


Hoot is now a recognised premium lifestyle electronics brand with a robust fan following and impressive reach and engagement. We were successful in re-directing traffic to the e-com website through paid media and generate sales.