Arwa Farms

Objective: To promote Arwa Farms, a countryside bed & breakfast stay in Dahanu, Maharashtra
Challenge: Showcasing the eco-friendly living & rural nature of the property and generating interest in the minds of the audience with captivating imagery & content.

Warli Art is said to have originated from Dahanu, hence to begin with, we planned big grids with hand-sketched Warli art to set the feel of the property on Instagram.

After setting the tone of the feed, we started promoting distinct features of the property.

We used pictures from the property and made engaging posts that the audience could connect with.

We also made content around activities that could be done at the property.

Through our captions and stories, we emphasised on the eco-friendly nature of the property which includes growing their own produce, re-cycling waste, less use of plastic, etc. We also emphasised on how holiday goers can enjoy a peaceful holiday away from the city, relish home-cooked meals prepared by Dahanu locals and try their hands at farming. These experience sets apart Arwa Farms from other properties.

Inkspire Media has designed and developed their official website. The design, development and content for the same was done by us. The design reflects the countryside location of the property. The UI is clean, so as to enable visitors to easily find the information about the property that they are looking for.

Today we are 1200+ community with a steady flow of inquiries through Facebook & Instagram and a great conversion of inquiries to bookings. We are growing by the minute. We have a loyal community on our Facebook & Instagram pages who enjoy engaging with & sharing our content.